The Best Animation Apps for your Mobile and Desktop to get started with Animation

best animation apps

Looking for one of the best animation apps for Mobile and PC, then you landed on the right place. Here You can get one of the best animation apps for Android, iOS, and PC very quickly.

Because that time is over now, the time is so changed. Now you can easily create your make your own Animation from your imagination so easily.

In this guide, you can get the best Animation app for your Mobile and PC to create the perfect Animation videos of yours.

We are putting the best animation apps for Mobile and PC that are popular, beginner-friendly and, easy to use animation apps.

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This list has the best apps to animate from beginner-friendly animation apps like Adobe Spark, Flipaclip, and Toonstanic to the professional animation apps like Adobe Animate CC and Blender.

So, You will no more feel like how Animation is made, with these apps, you can get the idea of how Animation is made. Especially if you’re looking for the best animation apps for kids.

Best Animation Apps


This Animation app Flipaclip is great for new users, and it is not only beginner-friendly but full of so many options to create your perfect animation.

Fliaclip animation app

It has all the modern animation technology perks that the best Animation app should have, but the one thing about that stands out from the crowd is its old old-time school feel.

Moreover, You can create layers on your Animation with thier onion skinning feature. You can add further details, voice-over, and special effects to create the best Animation of your own.

  • It has an old-time school theme. It is simple and looks astonishing.


Filled with professional tools

Adobe-Spark is an app specially designed for someone serious about creating thier own Animation with a relatively simple and easy to understand interface for beginners.

Adobe spark best animation app in a yellow background
Adobe Spark

The best thing about Adobe-Spark is you can connect it to your Mobile to the PC. So, You can work whatever time you prefer as your mind says.

Easy to use

You can upload photos from your gallery, or you can choose from Adobe’s respiratory and start creating your first Animation project.

  • Adobe spark lets you create slideshows, soundtrack and can also add their professional fonts.
  • Most of the features are free to create the best animation for Mobile and Desktop, but for the premium services, you would need to purchase.
  • It is easy to start making Animation on Adobe Spark.

Toontastic 3D

Toontastic animation app for android and iOS.
Toontastic create your own characters with a story

Toonstastic animation app will help you make the best Animation app for Mobile. It is developed by Google and avaiable on Android and iOS.

To start Animation on Toonstastic 3D, you don’t need to have any Walt Disney skills, you need your imagination and start working on it.

You can tell your own stories, narrate your own cartoons and doodling on Toontastiic is relatively easy.

  • It is also easy to use, and that makes it the best animation app for Mobile.
  • It has an amazing 3D drawing tool, with that you can be able to create your own imagined characters for free.

PicsArt Animator

Even for complex animation

PicsArt animator lets you create even the complex Animation for free. It is the best animation app for Android and iOS users. You can access all of thier services and features for free.

A Bat flying and a girls screaming animation on PicsArt animator
PicsArt Animater

This animation app is full of features like frame duplication, animated stickers, and multiple layers to make your Animation longer and better. They also let you create GIFs videos to create beautiful GIFs of your own.

  • Moreover, you can also create your animation frame by frame using multiple layers that help you to make complex storytelling Animation.
  • PicsArt is the best animation app for Mobile if you’re looking to create excellent and beautiful animation videos for free.

Animation Maker

Best animation app for iPhone

The Animation maker is the best animation app for the iPhone and iPad. Moreover, this animation app is available on the web and It doesn’t occupy any space on your device.

Animated Lady with blonde hair on Animate Video Maker
Animation Maker

Animation Maker lets you access to millions of stock images and videos from their library for free. So, You can instantly create your animation projects. They also let you access thier licensed music track from thier shared library

Animation Maker is a perfect animation app to create storytelling animation and ensures the best design of your animated character.

  • loaded with so many options to import your pictures and videos.
  • Moreover, they don’t charge for the video length, but for some premium services, you need to spend a few bucks on it.

Animate Desk

Best Animation app for story-telling

Animation Desk is another popular animation app if you want to create beginner-friendly animations. It allows you to create frame animation similar to a flipbook animation.

Moreover, if you have an Ipad or a Tablet like a big-screen. It will be easy to create the best animation for Mobile.

Animate Desk for animating
Animate Desk

friendly and gorgeous UI and different tools for painting. Such as pressure sensivty, and stroke size makes it easier to animate for a beginner and can inspire to create Animation for kids and you.

  • It is a creative app for creating frame-to-frame animations and storyboards.
  • Though Animation Desk is available for free to use, it worths using forgood animation.

Best Animation Apps for Desktop

Adobe Animate CC

Best Animation app in the market

It’s impossible to tell about Animation without Adobe Animate “The best animation app” for everything.

An animated man on adobe aniamate CC
Adobe Animate CC

Adobe Animate is one of the most powerful animation apps that lets you make everything from game development to Animation designed for AR experiences.

With Adobe Animate CC, you can create compelling characters to use in your animations filled with vivid details and characters which respond to the actions.

  • Though Adobe animate CC is not available for free and, it’s only for Windows, Linux and, macOS OS.
  • It is a worth paying animation app, but we will prefer you to use its free trial and then decide upon if you are satisfied with thier such high-Quality service.
  • Free 30days trial / $29.99/month


Wonderful animation app for desktop

Blender is one of the best Animation apps for Desktop. Though It is only available for desktop, but with Blender, you can create the Walt Disney type animation.

Taxi crashing on Blender animation

The best thing about Blender is It is the only and the best animation app for free in the market. With this powerful animation app and thier onion skinning, you can create any type of Animation, without any length restriction.

To start using a blender is an easy task as there are thousands of animaters tutorials on Youtube from the basics to the professional level. (We recommend-CG Geek Tutorials)

  • However, their most praised feature is object tracking in the Raw image you import.
  • Blender lets you create 3D Animation and 2D Animation.
  • Best free Animation app.

2D Pencil

Easy to use and simple to understand

Animated boy with maroon hairs on 2DPecil
2D Pencil for animation

If you want to get a look at how the 2D Animation works, then 2D Pencil is the best animation app in the market. It has everything a beginner needs.

It gives you a great minimalist look, a straightforward UI, and It is lightweight. Moreover, it is an open-source 2D pencil that is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux for free.

  • You could try 2D Pencil for more immerse experience all for free.
  • Small and the best animation app for beginners with a simple interface.

Best animation apps for Android, iOS, and PC- which one to pick?

The Best animation app for you will depend on some factors as what you are looking for, and most obviously, what kind of Animation you want to create of your own?

  • What amount of complex Animation do you want to create?
  • Do you want to create GIFs?
  • Do you want to create professional Animation?

After all of it, you need to decide. Do you want to use the best Animation app for free?

There are so many good animation apps available for free to use with a fairly simple interface.

  • Do you want to create 3D Animation?

If you are looking for the best animation app for 3D Animation, then the most important factor is your PC processor. The more powerful processor you have, the easier it becomes to create 3D Animation on PC.

But Whatever type of Animation you’re looking for out there nowadays, it is easier to create the best Animation app for Mobile and Desktop because it is now easier to do everything.

Best animation app for Kids

The best animation app for kids for mobile would probably be Toonstastic, Animate Desk, and Flipaclip.

For Desktop animation apps for Kids should be 2D Pencil or Blender as they are free to use but you can go for paid animation apps also if you are keep getting better at animating.


All the above-listed apps are beginner-friendly and easy to use and are available for Mobile and desktop users. Some of them are free, Though some cost several bucks.

But most importantly, all of them are best animation apps available for Mobile and desktop in the market in thier own ways. so, don’t give it a much of thought about which is the best or easiest give it a start, watch Youtube tutorials and you will see a result in a really short amount of time if you have consistency and really want to do it even if it’s just to make yourself happy.

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