Best Apple Watch Apps to use: Must Have Apps

Best Apple Watch Apps

It’s getting exciting for the Best Apple Watch Apps, and after the launch of Watch OS 6 Update, which has brought the App Store to your best Apple watch to give you a whole new experience and features all on your wrist.

So, we all hope the app developers will make more best Apple Watch apps because the Watch OS 6 Update and as the Apple Watch 5 seems to be doing pretty good, which will be taken by the new Apple Watch 6 sooner.

Without further ado, dive into our Best Apple Watch Apps for Calendar, Weight tracker, Exercise to even browsing, and get the most of your Apple Watch.

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Important: We picked the top Apple Watch Apps out there and combined them into our top picks as per thier use for every occasion. Moreover, we’ll constantly be updating our list of best Apple Watch Apps.

Best Apple Watch Apps for keeping track of your Sleep, Fitness, and Health

The must do the thing you can do with your Apple Watch is to get healthier and work on your mind. There are so many Apple Watch Apps that you can use to be healthier and keep tracking of your mind and body

Heart Analyzer

Heart Analyzer for Apple Watch and iPhone
Heart Analyzer APP

The version 8 of the Health Analyzer v8 is a lot more effective than its older version though the limited display size of the Apple Watch. The Health Analyzer is not as effective as it’s on the phone, but it still does a pretty good job of keeping track of your heart.

Health Analyzer v8 comes with compatibility and infographics. It keeps the live heart monitoring in front of you all the time. The weekly charts, weekly metrics, and workout views keep a good track of your heart. 

If you want to record your burned calories and the distance you traveled. The Heart Analyzer v8 does it all very well. moreover, The new interface has made things even better. You can keep track of your old data from the day you started.

  • +Live Heart rate monitor
  • +New Update
  • +Keep Old data and monitors calories
  • +Free Apple Watch App


Sleep Tracking App NapBot on apple Watch
NapBot Sleep Tracking APP

it is an interesting app for Apple Watch to keep tracking your sleep while you’re asleep, and it does a very good job at it. If you think you’re not getting quality and proper sleep.

NapBot keep tracks of your sleep automatically and monitor the unusual sounds of your surroundings and provides the exact time and will help you identify when it’s happening.

  • +Special algorithm to keep track of unusual sounds
  • +Autosaves the sleep data
  • +No need to tap tell the app when you’re about to sleep


If you’re interested in physical fitness and you love to run then, Run-Keeper is a must and the best apple watch app for Health and keeping your track of yourself. It has an easy-to-understand interface to keep, and along with essential features, it saves your data after you’re done with your workout.

Runkeeper exsercise app on Apple Watch
RunKeeper APP
  • +buzzezz you when achieves the input distance
  • +Shows Cardio rate


Best Fitness app strava on apple Watch
Strava Fitness APP

It doesn’t need an introduction. If you work out and keep track of your fitness digitally, you might know it is the most popular app for fitness. After the new update, it has improved more. It works properly and provides all of the features which are a must in the best Apple Watch app for fitness.

Strava’s app online tracking is helpful in building a perfect fitness picture of yours. It has a constant update cycle to keep it updated with all the new features recently updated with improved stroke analysis for swimmers. Better cadence analysis for runners was introduced.

They have so many features where you can keep detailed info of your data and can compare it with other users. You can follow other users worldwide and can become King and queen upon your fitness.

  • +Can compare your old data with your new and also you can compete with other users worldwide
  • +Simple and minimalist interface
  • +Well recognised app

The Best Apple Watch App for Golf users


Best Golf App on apple watch
Hole 19 Golf APP for Apple Watch

It comes with a simple interface for logging in your score. Hole19 saves your key distances, score input, and putt tracking. Hole19 Is the most downloaded Golf app with over 10million users worldwide, and they claim to be real.

It is a straightforward app, It shows you the front, center, and back of the green, and they also provide your performance data. It is a useful Golf app if it knows the golf course(s) of yours.

They claim to know 42,000 courses in 201 countries. So, maybe yours is covered. But the most important thing, Hole19 is the best Apple Watch app for Golf for free to use so, It worths a shot.

  • +Most Popular Golf App in-between users
  • +More than 200 countries are covered
  • +You can access more features with your smartphone

Best Apple Watch Apps for Email, Chats, and Messaging

Microsoft Outlook

MicroSoft Outlook for Apple Watch
MIcroSoft Outlook for Apple Watch

It is a solid email app in the list of Apple Watch apps. Microsft outlook can do a big job for you all on your wrist. On Apple Watch, you can do it easily with the help of Siri Shortcuts to keep you update with your next meeting, and if you’re running late for your meeting, Siri makes it all easier.

To make it more useful, Microsoft has made some visual improvements so. You also have a feature to use infographics modular to tell the next meeting by looking at your outlook calendar.

All about Google “People Card”

  • +Trusted App to keep yourself up-to-date with your schedule
  • +More improved from the older version

Flick Type Keyboard

Flick Type KeyBoard on Apple Watch to Type fast
Flick Type Keyboard APP for Apple Watch

If you think putting a lot of sentences on your smartwatch is not possible, you’re mistaken, with the Flick Type Keyboard. You can also input faster; moreover, you can also read out letters loud to use it eyes-free.

Flick Type Keyboard is a promising software for your Apple watch apps list. It is benefitting the people who are partially blind or have any kind of problem with typing.

Apart from all of it they also have an algorithm that detects and guesses the next word you’re going to input based on the taps of your previous activities so, your little mistakes and typos get away with its algorithm.

  • +Allows you to type long sentences easily
  • +Emojis are available
  • +You can speak and type both


Telegram for Apple Watch In a BlackGround
TeleGram APP for Apple Watch

The Telegram app on Apple Watch is now faster and safer than ever. It is a secure messaging app available on iPhone, iPad, and now once again on Apple Watch.

Moreover, the best thing about telegram is that you don’t have to look at ADs and no limited number of friends to add. It allows you to chat with 30000 people, which is enough for every one of us.

If you take privacy at the next level then, It is for you here you can use secret chat where messages self- destruct after a limited time, and you can be sure that your data is truly safe. 

It is a free Apple Watch app for messaging and keeping yourself up-to-date with your friends and family.

  • +Free Apple Watch Messaging app and secured
  • +Best Messaging app security with Secret Chat feature
  • +limit of 30000 users in simple language means Unlimited

Chirp for Twitter

Twitter on Apple Watch in grey BlackGround
Chirp Twitter “2020 Still Get…”#ShowerThoughts

The only major social media app Apple Watch is missing is Twitter, but with Chirp, You can have the twitter feed, retweet, tweet to reading your notification all on your smartwatch.

If you’re a heavy Twitter user then, you should look for the pro version to unlock more features, but the free version is enough to do most of the basic stuff well. Chirp is an easier option than taking out your phone to just look at notifications.

Chirp is offering almost all of twitter’s functionality on your Apple Watch but you cannot reply to DMs without purchasing the pro-version. Which costs you $4.99, there are some more other versions available for more features.

  • +Best way to keep up-to-date without taking out your Smartphone.
  • +You can do so many things but pro-version is available if you want more

Best Apple Watch Apps for Music and Podcast


Pandora Music App for Apple Watch. Watch Screen
Pandora Music APP for Apple Watch

If you love listening to music and podcasts with an endless number of songs, then Pandora is truly for you with its massive library of music. Plus, the new update of Pandora has now Siri, which means you can play, stop, and play the next song without touching your screen over and over.

It is a perfect app for the Apple Watch using the limited amount of display making good use of Apple watch.

Unfortunately, It is not available outside of the US, but we hope sooner it will increase its coverage as the demand will increase.  

Best Spotify Alternative

  • +Massive music library
  • +free to access and the best Apple Watch app for Music and listening Podcasts.
  • Not Available outside of the US yet


best apps for Apple Watch SoundHound music app Watch Screen
SoundHound Music Streaming APP for Apple Watch

This app is perfectly designed for listening to music on your Apple Watch. It has so many features from recognizing your taste of music and providing similar artists to work so you can listen to your taste of music.

Moreover, You have features like “okay Hound, show me lyrics for…” or “okay Hound, play today’s top songs.” Yes, you can look for the lyrics of the song that you’re listening to, and you can bookmark your favorite songs and add them to your Spotify playlist simply.

  • +Easy to use with Siri and a simple interface
  • +Can connect bookmarked songs to Spotify
  • +Recognises your taste of music

Conclusion: Best Apple Watch Apps

Though there is a lot we are missing here but the one thing we know for sure that the Apple Watch is capable of doing so much stuff. Even though the display is limited, but the amount of access you can have from the Apple Watch is massive.

We tried to include different types of best Apple Watch apps for Health, Sleep, exercising, social media, browsing apps to music apps, and Apple Watch app for sleep tracking, and Keyboard.

But Which one do you think we missed to add? You can let us know in the comment section below and moreover, tell us which app deserves to be on the list of best Apple Watch apps.


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