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Best APPS to stream Anime
Best Anime Apps

If you’re looking to watch your favorite Anime, then it’s not a big problem as the Internet is flooded with hundreds of best apps to watch Anime where you can enjoy your favorite Japanese anime series and the that’s what everyone is doing in 2020

But most of the apps to watch Anime without ads or with ads don’t meet the user’s expectations because of too limited Anime, or sometimes they fail to load.

Below you’ll find the best anime streaming app that supports most of the must-required features that everyone is looking for, and some of them even allow you to download Anime Episodes for offline viewing so even if you don’t have internet you can still enjoy and come out of the Boredroom of 2020

Thus allows you to watch your favorite Anime later when you don’t have the Internet to watch them.

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Most popular and the best app to watch Anime in english and with subtitles.

The greatest Anime waching app in a grey screen.


If you want to watch the greatest Anime on your smartphone to enjoy your time at home, then Crunchyroll is the best of all. It is everyone’s favorite Anime watching app for the latest Anime series on your mobile.

It has over 900 Anime, and the numbers are growing; moreover, you can read your favorite and the best Manga series for paying absolutely nothing.

Though on it has a freemium version but shows Ads, but if you want to get rid of them.

They have got a premium version that allows you to watch Anime on HD quality, and also you can watch the latest Anime just after they are released in Japan.

Crunchyroll has a very clean user-interface, so you won’t get confused using it as a new user and surely you will like thier service.

Download CruchyRoll or use the Site

Key points about Crunchyoll

  • +Crunchyroll is delivering content to 70million users worldwide
  • +Most of the Anime are avaiable on Crunchyroll
  • +Free version is available
  • +Watch your favorite Anime just after they are out in Japan.


Best Anime apps for dubbed Anime watching

It is on the next on our list of best apps to watch Anime. Funimation is packed with a large chunk of Anime series with dubbed and added with Subtitles.

Funimation app for watching Anime at home in a smiley logo


Funimation provides you the latest Anime just after thier release in Japan

So, you can watch the latest Anime without waiting for too long. The best thing about this Anime streaming is that it’s available in HD quality for free users though they also have a premium version without Ad-s popping. 

Premium users can also enjoy two streams at a single time, and recently with the new feature, you can also download your favorite Anime to watch them offline.

Download Funimation

Key points about Funimation

  • +Easily find your Anime wth the simple search Bar.
  • +Animes are avaiable in dubbed and in subtitles.


Watch Anime right after they’re released in Japan

Anime LAb for the latest ANime in a purple screen

Anime LAB App for watching Animes

AnimeLab is another good app to Anime on mobile though it’s only available for Australia and New Zealand users. 

It is quite similar to Crunchyroll and Funimation. AnimeLab delivers the latest and the greatest Anime to its users, including simulcasts straight from Japan.

They have over 700 shows and movies across 30 genres, and they are adding more and more.

Though its services are quite limited but wait as the developers are working to reach the far audience too!

Download ANime Lab or use the Site

Key points about AnimeLab

  • +A good free resource to watch Anime
  • +One of the most exceptional Animes are available on AnimeLab
  • +you Can access it with the help of a pureVPN
  • Not yet avaiable outside of Australia and New Zealand yet.


Enjoy 1080P quality content for free

VRV the best anime wwatching app and site with the best anime


It is the best apps to watch Anime but also movies and lots of similar cartoons while taking quizzes on how well you know your favorite Anime, and you can also make friends on VRV.

VRV is the best apps to watch Anime, your favorite Anime without any hassle. they have a really cool anime app interference to make it look cooler and easier for its users.

Though VRV is a well known Anime app but its coverage is only in the U.S but watch out as they are working to expand thier service sooner.

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Key points about VRV

Moreover, VRV offers 1080p quality with Ads on the free version, and they provide you with 20000 Hours of Anime for free to watch.

  • +Watch on HD for free
  • +20000 hours of Anime shows
  • +Latest and the most wanted Anime


For the people who like subbed Anime

Hidive app for watching anime on dark screen


HIDIVE is an excellent Anime watching app that is sadly not available for free but you can try out their 30 days free trial. They have got a large library and currently-airing series like Made in Abyss, Bloom Into You, and Highschool of the Dead.

HIDIVE also provides dubbed and subbed Anime to its audience. Currently, it is providing one of the most iconic Anime to its users. You can easily find some of the Anime that are not even on CrunchyRoll and its growing catalog is making it more popular.

Key points about HIDIVE

  • +A much better Anime streaming service then FunimationNow
  • +For people who like to watch subbed Anime
  • +For $4.99/month you can watch Anime of 30000 hours

Download HIDIVE

Funimation now 

Providing the most Iconic Anime

This is one of the oldest Anime streaming services, founded in 1994, and they were the first to provide Dragon Ball series to the American audience.

A guy and A girl playing with a stick on Funimation app
. . . . . . . .. . . Funimation Now

Currently, Funimation Now holds more than 900 anime series. If you love to watch dubbed Anime then you would love thier service, Moreover, they also provide subbed Anime.

As for the subscription, Funimation Now is not available for free. They provide $6/month for the Premium service, $8/month for the Premium Plus service.

The premium service can have two simultaneous streams across your devices, and the premium plus makes you able to watch five devices at the same time. 

Download Funimation Now

Key points about Funimation Now

  • +One of the best anime apps to watch Animes in dubbed and it’s a win over HIDIVE
  • Not available for free and The FunimationNow service operates in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand

Conclusion – On the best apps to watch Anime

Watching Anime is now easier than ever with so many option available to choose to watch your favorite Anime from anywhere at anytime.

Though there are just so many best Anime apps to watch Anime and it is just a really small part of the ocea. we included in our list of the best apps to watch anime.


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