Best Free BlueStacks Alternative to try and Run Android Apps on PC

Best Bluestacks Alternative
Best Blustacks Alternatives

Android emulator is the best way to run android apps on PC, and the most prominent Android Emulator is Bluestacks. But there is some other Bluestacks alternative to run android apps on PC.

There are hundreds of Android emulator, but people still do preferto use Android apps and play games on Bluestacks over any other Android emulator for PC and macOS. though it is losing its charm slowly becuase of its slow speed and lagging problems while running your favorite Android app on PC

Bluestacks was the first and most popular Android emulator in the market for a really long time since the concept of android emulation came in. However, Now, Blustacks has become slow, no longer stable, and Android games on Bluestacks run quite sluggish.

If you’re looking for the replacement of Bluestacks Emulator then stick with us for a minute, Here are some free Bluestacks alternative.

Important: Although there are lots of Android emulators that exist, we tried and picked up the best Bluestacks alternative and free Android Emulator to run Android apps on PC.

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Nox Player

Emulators are breaking the barrier between Mobile and Dessktop so, Without a further due, get the most rated and the best bluestacks alternative for windows 10 to run Android game for PC.

Play android games on PC with Nox Player. smooth android emulator
Nox Player Android Emulator

If you want a perfect Bluestacks alternative that provides lots of features and runs all the Android apps on PC well, then the Nox Player emulator is your perfect Bluestacks best alternative for games to run Android on PC.

This Android emulator outshines Bluesetacks in all the matter from e preloaded with a plethora of features, controller compatibility, and a simple easiest user-friendly interference.

But on one thing Nox Player totally smash Blustacks is in root access, On Nox Player, you simply enable a toggle in the settings and yeah boy, you’re done with rooting.

It is based on Android Lollipop 5.1.1. and a beautiful metallic UI to Outscore bluestacks, and that makes Nox Player the best Android Emulator for your PC

How to run Android aps on PC #3 WAYS

Download NOx Player


  • +Easy to Use
  • +Fast and the best Bluestacks alternative for windows 10 games
  • +Full Access
  • +Also a perfect Android Emulator for Mac OS users

Remix OS Player

If you’re new to Android emulator concept, You can use it with zero trouble

Remix OS Player is a perfect Android emulator and the best Bluestacks alternative that gives you an entire Desktop experience. 

amazing android emulator an god Blustacks alternative Remix OS player. good emulator
Remix OS Player Android Emulator

However, you won’t find a ton of features like button mapping, native and Google Play support, but the developers have worked a lot on its stability to make it the best Android Emulator for windows in which Blusetacks lacks.

I’ve used Remix OS Player on mid-range PC, and It always impressed me in stability and the simpleness of this Android emulator that makes it one of the best Bluestacks alternative for Android games on PC.

Moreover, if you don’t want to hassle with installing a new OS on your device, you should go with this best blusetacks alternative based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow which provides you stability to play Android games on PC smoothly, in which Bluestacks has always let me down.

Download Remix Os free


  • +Free Android Emulator for windows
  • +Runs smooth on heavy games well

Note: Remix OS Player is no longer in the development process, but the latest version runs smoothly and provides a pleasant experience still the best Android Emulator for PC.

MEmu Play

Best Android Emulator for not so heavy games.

MEmu play Android Emulator for PC and MAc
MEmu Play Android Emulator

MEmu Play emulator for PC is another great Android emulator. That is gaining a lot of traction, especially for gamers looking for the best Blustacks alternative.

It has many features, and most prominent is it runs on both Intel and AMD CPU’s without any disturbance, which is not supported on many Android emulators, including the Blusetacks.

MEmu Play supports Android JellyBean (4.2), Kit Kat (4.4), and Lollipop (5.0). It is a dedicated Android emulator for Android game developers, it worths to run your Favorite Android apps and games on PC

Good option if you’re looking for the Bluestacks alternative to play Android games on PC that runs smoothly.

Downlaod MEmu Play

  • +Free and supports multiple Android software.
  • +Dedicated and reliable emulator


GenyMotion is a powerful Android emulator for PC and a reliable bluestacks alternative. It allows you to run Android apps completely free.

It has some advanced features like OpenGL and hardware acceleration. If you’re an Android developer, who is looking to test apps virtually then, GenyMotion is your best Bluestacks alternative that exists.

It runs on Desktop and Cloud with the help of a Web browser so, you can use it in multiple platforms such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. 

On top of that, you have a lot of flexibility, unlike any other Android emulator for PC. However, It runs smoothly, but it can lag if you run heavy apps like Call of Duty so, keep in mind that.

But apart from that, GenyMotion is quite simple and a great Bluestacks alternative to run Android Apps though not PUBG mobile on PC but it runs Free Fire Smoothly on PC

Downlaod GenyMotion


  • +Allows you to run your favorite Androids app on PC.
  • +Best Bluestacks alternative for Android developers
  • +A good emulator like Bluestacks.
  • –Though heavy apps sometimes lag.

Andy Android emulator

It is a quick and quite the best Andoid Emulator PC for Lighweight games.

Run adnroid apps on pc with andy android emulator
Andy Android Emulator

Andy is an excellent lightweight Android Emulator for PC that you can try as a Bluestacks alternative. The developers of Andy has put a lot of features such as cloud saves, mobile app sync, camera, and more to make your Android apps on PC.  

The best thing about this Android emulator is that you can control your screen with a smartphone. It is a simple Android emulator app, specially designed for lightweight games and an excellent Bluestacks alternative.

It is a free Android Emulator to run Android apps on PC smoothly, but if you run heavy apps, Andy Android Emulator is not the best. However, it’s a good Bluestacks alternative for low-end PC to use Android and iOS apps such as Whatsapp, Instagarm and many more small Android and iOS games on PC

Download ANDY


  • +Free and prominent feature to play lightweight Android apps on PC
  • –Heavy Android apps are not working perfectly.
  • +Easy to use Android Emulators

Which is the Best Android Emulator and a good Bluestacks aletrnative?

Finding the best Android emulator for Windows 10, MAC or whether any older version of Windows is not quite a big work. All you have to do is look up and download the most perfect Android emulator for PC currently.

I’d prefer Nox Player for heavy games but you can also opt for the smoothest Android emulator for Windows 10 “The Remix OS Player.” In my opinion, is a good Bluestacks games alternative, but all the listed above Android Emulator for PC are also quite good but it depends on what purposes you want an Emulator? such as to run Android and iOS apps like Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp on your PC or you’re looking to play some small Android games on your PC with the best Android Emulator. There is all available.

I hope you liked the above listed best Android Emulator but what do you think? which one is perfect Android emulator to run Android apps on PC in your opinion?. Let us know in the comment section down below. Did we miss out any other good Bluestacks best alternative to try and enjoy Android apps on PC?

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