Best USB drive Encryption Software To Protect Your Privacy

best USB encryption software

Protect Your data with the best USB encryption software

USB drives are around us everywhere, and we all use USB drives reason being, It is faster, lightweight and has more capacity compared to CDs and floppy disks, USB drives have long been a ruler because of all these reasons.

Easy portability and no minimum requirements, which means it can run with Mobile devices, Laptops, or desktops, basically make it universally compatible. However, with these unique features, there is a possibility of losing your privacy quickly.

That’s where the USB encryption software comes, and it can save your data, whether personal or secret data. If you want to make your confidential data stay safe, Then it’s a good idea to use encryption and password to protect your USB flash drive either for free and for price.

So, In this article, we’ve put the best USB encryption software to protect your personal information in your USB drive, and the best part is most of them are trusted USB drive software for free.

Check out the best USB drive encryption software for you to encrypt your USB drive.

1. VeraCrypt

VeraCrypt is the most trusted and best USB drive encryption software and the most rated- one in the market. Veracrypt enhanced your security of the algorithms. It is the best USD drive encryption software, and also it is free and supports Windows, Linus, and Mac OS.

Most of all, VeraCrypt is easy to encrypt your USB flash drive and files. It is the ultimate software to encrypt your USB drives and the best free USB encryption software.

  • Effective Encryption
  • Algorithm: AES-256, Twofish, Serpent, Camellia, etc.
  • Price: Free
  • Supports:  Microsft, Linux, and Mac OS.

2 AxCrypt

AxCrypt provides robust security and protects your USB drives through either 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption. It an easy to use encryption software, especially for beginners. It lets you browse the files/folders you need to encrypt, and with some simple right-clicks, your data in USD drives get encrypted.

One exciting feature of Axcrypt is, you can set a period of time and set it to unlock automatically and some other features like passphrase caching, and stuff like that. 

This encryption software is fully multilingual and supports languages such as- Korean, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, and more.

Strong Security

Algorithm: AES-128

supports: Windows (Desktop), macOS

Pricing: Free | 35$ annually

Easy to access and also through smartphones

3 BitLocker

Free and easy to access encryption software

Well, Bitlocker is inbuilt software encryption for dedicated windows users to encrypt your USB drives with just simple clicks and gives you better speed while encrypting your USB drives as BitLocker integrated with the Windows Operating System. However, it is the most trusted and commonly used best USB encryption software.

USB flash drives are encrypted with AES 256 encryption algorithm. Also, if you forget your unlocking password, that can be recovered via automatically generated recovery key, which can be synced to your Microsoft account.

The problem with BitLocker is it is only available in specific versions. But all in all, BitLocker is a reliable method to encrypt your USB drives and files, especially considering its free availability. 

Supports: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 (Pro and Enterprise editions).

Algorithm: AES 256 encryption 

Price: Free

4 Giliosoft 

Effective and with Metallic UI

This USB encryption software just doesn’t look outlandish but also works perfectly; Its metallic UI gives it this look. The program comes with effective encryption of your USB drives.

Gilisoft is pretty easy to use and clean interference, runs the USB automatically when detected. Gilisoft uses the AES-256 algorithm to encrypt all your data, and moreover, in case of emergency, GIlisoft has a recovery option to recover the data. But its annoying pop-up nag shows up more than it should.

Supports: Windows Only

Algorithm: AES-256

Pricing: 49.95$

5. Diskcrypt

An effective USB encryption software, Windows only.

Diskcrypt is popular, and a capable USB drive encryptor software and the best thing is it free and an open-source drive. It gives lots of options to encrypt and decrypt your USB drive from AES-256 bit, Serpent, and Twofish algorithms. Diskcrypt cannot only encrypt your USB drives but also your external storage device like CD/DVD, external hard drives, etc.

Overall, Diskcrypt is a useful encryptor that takes less space and gives you a lightning speed as compared to other USB drive encryptors, but it also has its downfall. It only works on Windows.

Supports: Windows Only

Algorithm: AES-256 bit, Serpent and Twofish

Pricing: Free and Open-source

6. Kakasoft USB Security

LImited storage but a strong USB encryption software.

This Encryption software protects your USB drive with the strongest encryption technique, and protects your confidential data, protects them from unauthorized access. However, if you don’t want to deal with the setting and choosing between the encryption algorithm, then Kakasoft USB Security is the best option for you to choose.

All you have to do from your part is to specify an encryption password, and Kakasoft USB Security will encrypt the entire USB drive.

Limited Features

Supports:  Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

Algorithm: AES-256

Pricing: 22$ | Free trial is available 

7. Rohos Mini Drive

Fast and easier to deal USB encryption software.

If you are looking to make your work easy and fast than Rohos Mini Drive, USB encryptor is quite about that, which makes it awesome. When you Plug-in the USB drive, it determines the best encryption size for that volume to create it. Once created, the encrypted data of your USB drive can be accessed easily only by mounting them.

In a nutshell, Rohos, Mini drive is a safe and small software to encrypt to protect your data of USB drive. Comparing to VeraCrypt or some other, it’s fairly easy to use though it only supports only one algorithm, namely AES 256.

Supports: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

Algorithm: AES 256

Price:  $35.00, 30 days trial available.

8. USB Safeguard

Simple and effective USB drive encryption software but limted storage.

This encryption software uses a secure AES 256 bit encryption to protect your data of USB drive and gives you easy access. The UI is fairly simple, with the minimal amount of option required to encrypt. 

This software automatically locks the device when unplugged, and this also works if the user is inactive for a long time.

However, USB Safeguard is free and an open-source, but the free version only allows encryption up to 2GB, and also It is Windows only.

Limited Storage

Supports: Windows

Algorithm: AES 256 bit

Pricing: Free | 23$ per license

Conclusion: In a Nutshell encrypting your drives, whether USD drive or any other portable device, it is essential to encrypt because none of us can afford to lose our data in the wrong hands.

FAQ’s about USB drive encryption software.

Which is the best USB drive encryption software to use?

If you are dealing with some small files in your USB drive, then consider using AxCrypt or BitLocker; they are easy to deal with for small purposes as well as Large storage.

But if you want a USB drive encryption software for over-all usage, than VeraCrypt is the best to choose from the above-listed USB drive encryption and it is the best USB drive encryption software for free.

Do We Really Need Encryption for USB Drives?

You have confidential data for business purpose, then you must securely transfer files through your USB drive. However, you should not just encrypt for business purpose, but also for personal data, you should encrypt your external drives with the best USB encryption software out there. 

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