Best Shareit Alternative Indian Apps for sharing files in 2020

ShareIt Alternative Indian Apps

“SHAREit” was considered to be the best and the easiest option to share your files instantly (Best SHAREit alternative Indian apps) however with time it is giving the same experience as it used to do for a variety of files including photos, videos, music, contacts, and even apps. but the criticism towards SHAREit has increased from the simple user who only want to share some files because of ADs and now the video and audio service has also increased the criticisim.

Moreover SHAREit is one of the chinese apps which is now banned in India and people are looking for Best SHAREit alternative Indian app. if Shareit is not the option anymore then we have a list of best SHAREit alternative indian app to use who are clean simple for sharing files easily and they are considered a good shareit alternative indian app.

1.Files GO

Files GO From “Google”

This SHAREit indian alternative is from Google, which is wonderful and simple to use. You have to pair your Android mobile with the other Android Mobile who can be the receiver or sender and after approving the connection the users can share and receive files instantly on Files GO.

Best thing that makes it the best SHAREit alternative Indian apps, that it shows you all of your similar files, waste APKs and unnecessary message which you can delete directly from Files Go as it is a file manager app and a perfect alternative for chinese app shareit.

2. Z Share

The best alternative for SHare it Indian app is “Z Share” it developed by an Indian in support of #BoycottChina in India against Chinese apps like Shareit alternative Indian apps. It has an appealing UI and the Dark Mode to make it look more better and you can share files offline without wasting Internet.

Z Share is a fast file sharing application and works almost on all smartphone (Android). It can be your best alternative for Share it for Indian apps to use. Moreover it is developed by Treble shot and Genonbeta.

3. Send Anywhere


it is a bit more capable app moreover it is protected by 256-bit file encryption protocol. which make your files safe while sahring to others. The best thing that appeals the most and makes it the best SHAREit alternative Indian apps is its power to share files anywhere around the world. this app offers a 6-digit high security pin to send and receive files and if you want without entering the PIN you can send a notification to the sender/receiver.

but it has its downside if you want to share large files which requires a good internet unlike SHAREit. It has a freemium version but also offers a premium version for active users.

4. Nearby SHare

Nearby Share from “GOOGLE”

If you want a service which is trusted and does not require an application then Nearby SHare is a good best alternative for SHAREit Indian app. It is from Google which is a quick and reliable to share your files and the best thing is it’s integrated with your Android Mobile so, every Android users can share files to each other without downloading an application whch makes the file sharing process more easier.

It is simple to use Just go to Settings>>Google>> Device connections and turn on Nearby Share (both the receiver and sender). when you want to share a file just press the share button and you will see the Android share button once set. Nearby Share is a good Share it alternative Indian apps.

5. P2P share Alliance

P2P SHare Alliance

If you use any of these Mobile brands like Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus, Realme, Vivo, and more. then you can share your files to each other instantly as they have joined hands together to make the sharing process easier and safe. it works kinda similar like Nearby Share.

Once you press the Share button it is highlighted in the direct share menu which can be used to share images, files, media and more. thus makes it the best SHAREit alternative for Indian apps.

6. Treble Shot

Treble SHot

Treble Shot is a file sharing app which is admired for its easiness and simplicity. It does what it should do and nothing more then that. whether you want to share images, files, media, and more. Treble is the best SHAREit alternative indian apps as it has zero ADs and a pretty straightforward process that makes sharing files easy and fast.


FEEM “The Best File Sharing Source”

if you are not familiar with Feem but want to receive a file from the receiver then you can use Feem. An easy to use File sharing source makes this a best SHAREit alternative Indian apps which you can downlaod from play Store or use the web-version if Feem. it works really well and the best thing about Feem is that if you want to receive\send a file and the receiver\sender doesn’t have it then you can use its web-version that requires no download so, you don’t have to force the other person to download it.

Feem is a great share it alternative Indian app which Indian users can use and share files without a lot of hurdles.

8. Filedrop

File Drop

A simple and reliable application to share Files from iOS, Android, Mac and Windows Vice-versa without any bugs and problems though you won’t find a really pleasining UI but you can share files easily over wifi and it all takes a simple taps.

FileDrop is a good application to use as an alternative for chinese app SHareit in India.



it has some really good revies and some really bad but I would have to say it works most of the time and makes file sharing as simple as possible it shows you the receiver\sender and just simply tap and you’re connected and no start the process of file sharing through windows to android and Android to iOS in some simple taps. Instashare is the best SHAREit alternative Indian apps for Windows and Android and even for iOS.

10. JIO switch

JIO Switch

It is an another alternative for SHAREit app in india which has no Ads and any othe kind of hurdles like intereferring menu and more. It has good reviews on Play Store and Apple Store. the best thing about Jio swith which makes it a good file sharing app is its wide range of avialability and also works on both iOS and Android.

Moreover It is a good Indian app like Share it for file sharing and other similar things. Jio switch should be your choice if you are looking for an Indian app like Share it.

11. SnapDrop


It’s an another great file sharing source which can even rival Apple “AirDrop.” It’s a pretty straighforward and user friendly file sharing application like SHAREit to use in india. Moreover there is no restriction on the size of any files so, users can share files without having to worry about the size. It has a similar look as Apple “AirDrop”. however it is an web-based file sharing source which requires internet unlike SHAREit though it works fabulous and that’s what makes it a best Share It alternative for Indian apps.


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