8 Interesting and Cool Websites To Kill Your Time In 2020: When You’re Bored


Internet is Ridiculously filled with a lot of Interesting and cool websites to kill your time, yet people still look into some popular websites watching cat videos.

The Internet has a lot of treasure, but you have to find it by exploring some of its cool websites filled up with fun to entertain, and also it can teach you in a funny way.

So, for today i found some interesting and cool websites that are waiting to entertain you So, let’s get started with these awesome websites to use in 2020 to kill your time instead of those popular websites.

1. Level Up Life

A cool website for your 2020 revolutions.

                                                             level up life game in old-time school graphics
level up life game in old-time school graphics

On this cool website, which looks like an old school game is an awesome website to put in your life-goals that you want to achieve, whether big or small. As you complete your goals, you get to earn points.

This is an amazing website to make you stay motivated for your goals and helps you change your life.

2. Ancient Earth Live Prediction

Old-time Earth

Ancient Earth Live Prediction

As old, its name sounds like the more cool website it comes out as. Ancient Earth Live Prediction contains 3D graphics of our planet Earth. This website helps you look into the even 600million years old Earth. Moreover, you can also select the time of your choice, and you can Zoom/move the old Earth to look closer.

3. Geo Guesser

Get addicted to this game

Geo gUesser On Road

This game is beyond your imagination and drops you in any corner of the world on Google Street View. Then you would have to guess where the hell is you.

The closer area you guess from the place you’re dropped, the more points this cool website gives you. You can also customize the continent and the country of your choice, and then you start guessing.

But for the real fun, you should play the global version, and i bet you’ll become addicted to it just like me.

4. Camel Camel Camel

Track products old price

Graph Showing The Price Of The Products Camel Camel Camel

This weird website has nothing to do with its name, not even 1%. Actually, It is an excellent website for Amazon price tracker. Yes, that what it does.

You have to throw in the Amazon product’s URL, and you’ll know that you’re buying things at the wrong because it shows you how the price has changed over the years.

5. Hacker Typer

A fun way to become a Hacker

Hacker typer game

Hacker Typer is an amazing website that makes all your hacking dreams come true. Type any gibberish letter, and it shows them on the black/green screen. Moreover, it makes you feel like a spy from a hacking movie.

6. You’re getting old!

A cool website that reminds you

Youre getting old website

This is a cool website just like its name suggests; it shows all the things which happened in the world when you were born, and a lot of things like how many people were born on the same date as you and how many of them have died. (it’s a bit scary to hear)

And how many of them have died. I love using this website because it reminds me that i need to be motivated and has got a lot to do still. This a funny cool, and informative website too!

7. Little Alchemy 2

An Awesome website to kill time

Little Alchemy 2 Game With Orange Color On The Screen

A great time killer website that deals with the process of transformation you get after mixing anything. You have one goal that is to make as many materials as you can.

You start with the Earth, Air, Water, and a lot of weird things. There are no rules. You can mix and match anything of your choice and create materials. For example, Eart and Air will form Dust.

Little Alchemy 2 will kill your time, and you will not even know where your time went.

8. Music Map

Life is for Music

Music Map Of Tom Waits

Do you love music? Then the Music Map is for you. It will work like a mate that knows every music and bands. You type the name of an artist on the homepage, and it will give show you different and similar artists which you might like.

Give it ago and look if you can discover any new music on this cool website also the way it shows similar artists is is kinda perfect.

Some Cool and Interesting Websites Conclusion

Though the list doesn’t end here. It is unending so, the next time you get even a single free minute to explore the Internet because it is vast and beautiful (though not most of the time). because sometimes it is full of negativity and hatred so, chill wherever you can.

So, Move for a little from those popular websites and look into these cool and interesting websites which are waiting to kill your time and give you some informative information.

If you have any weird website suggestions, you can tell us in the Comment section, and we’ll add that. I hope you enjoyed our list of top most cool websites on The Internet by us.

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