How to create and know everything about Google ‘People Card’ in easy steps

Gogle People's Cards aim to help Freelancers, and Individuals.

Now, People can make thier own bio on Google with ‘People Card.’ Which will allow them to create an online presence and search for others just by their name.

On Tuesday, Google announced, and as per Google ‘People Card,’ will help people to make thier virtual card on the search engine.

Goole' tweet on People card. Animated Cartoons talking to eachother.
Google’s tweet on tuesday about the launching of “People Card”

It will allow people to make a virtual visiting card for people to know about them, thier highlights, website, social profiles, and all the other essential information they want people to know.

Google ‘People Card’ will allow professionals, freelancers, and influencers a one-stop destination for thier all accurate and essential information.

How to create your Google ‘People Card.’

Creating a ‘People Card’ is as easy as signing in your Google account.

  • To create a ‘People Cards.’ Users first need to sign in to thier Google account and search for thier name.
  • This will give the user a new option to ”Add me” on the page.
  • Users can add thier profile and a link to thier website or social media, and more importantly, they can add thier phone number on ‘People Card’ also.
  • Last, of all, tap on the save, and you’re done.

Moreover, Google has said that the more information provided by the users would help others find them easily.

A smartphone screen about Google new feature "People Card" example
Preview of Google “People cards”

How secure is Google’s People card’?

To make sure users find reliable and true information. Tech Giant has added safeguard mechanisms to protect users from any offensive content.

Google has also given features like, the feedback button, to report about a card created by an impersonator and any low-quality information.

Google’s module will help users find even the people who share the same name. There is a module for people who share the same name.

This will help people distinguish between others by looking at thier profession, address, and profile picture.

We hope Google’s ‘People Cards’ will help millions of individuals, freelancers, self-employed individuals, and influencers. Who wants others to find out about them for a good cause.

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