How To Trade Bitcoin For Maximum Profit In a Safe Way


Bitcoin is often referred to as ‘digital gold,’ which makes it one of the most promising investments in this digital era. If you want to know “How To Trade Bitcoin in safely,” then this post will help you understand how straightforward Bitcoin Trading is.

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What is Bitcoin Trading? summary

Bitcoin trading is pretty straightforward. The aim of Bitcoin trading is grabbing the opportunity to buy Bitcoin when the prices fall down and sell Bitcoin when the price is high enough to give a great profit.

As wicked Bitcoin preacher John McAfee predicted that Bitcoin would reach up to $1 million in 2020, and this graph would be growing as more people comes into Bitcoin Trading.

 Moreover, we all know which is the best Cryptocurrency to invest in. Bitcoin

Every minute Bitcoin’s price increases or decreases, new investors come and trade their Bitcoin to earn a profit. Bitcoin trading is extremely easy because the entry price is so low. Which makes it fascinating for new and old Bitcoin traders.

Bitcoin is better than Fiat currency?

Bitcoin is not a Fiat currency, and as demand for digital transactions is increasing, more people are choosing Bitcoin instead of other ways. Because of not being a fiat currency, Bitcoin is not under the control of one government.

That’s why Bitcoin prices have reacted over a vast and different range of events.

Best Bitcoin Trading Platform

Here is the list of best Bitcoin exchanges for trading. With the help of these crypto trading platforms, even non-technical people are able to trade Bitcoin easily and safely.



Coinbase was founded in 2014 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam in San Francisco, California.

Coinbase is by far the most popular and best Bitcoin trading platform. They have the neatest interface, and Coinbase is also available on the Android and iOS platforms.

Coinbase operates in many countries, and starting trading with Coinbase is extremely easy to use. This Bitcoin exchange also has two more Cryptocurrencies Ethereum and Litecoin.

Trading Bitcoin with Coinbase is great, especially for beginners, because they will find everything in one place. In 2017 Coinbase became the first exchange Unicorn, not that imaginary Unicorn the Financial Unicorn and valued at around $1 billion U.S. Dollars (USD).

Since its creation, Coinbase is spreading all around the Globe and has partnered with companies like- Dell, time, Expedia, and more. This makes Coinbase a legit bitcoin trader in the industry.

  • It has served more than 20 million customers
  • One hundred fifty million U.S. Dollars worth of Cryptocurrency has been traded over Coinbase.



Binance was created by hanging Zhao and Yi He in Malta,2017.

This exchange had has offices in China, Japan, and Taiwan. Binance is a crypto to crypto exchange. It connects buyers to sellers directly, which makes it one fo the best Bitcoin trading platform.

This Bitcoin trading platform is also well known for giving cool and expensive prizes to its best customers, and their prizes include iPhone, MacBooks, Mercedes (YES), and even Maseraties to attract more customers.

  • On CoinMarketCap’s list of 204 exchanges, Binance is ranked second largest.


CEX is also a good Bitcoin Trading Platform and one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges out there. CEX has the best customer support, and they trade Bitcoin with multiple payment methods, for example:

Debit card (Visa and master)

  • SEPA
  • ACH
  • Cryptocurrency

CEX.IO was started in 2013 and offer their services in all jurisdictions around the Globe. They also offer their services in 31 U.S. states.



Bitfinex is a premier option for seasoned Bitcoin traders around the Globe. However, Bitfinex doesn’t offer their service in the U.S. So if you’re a U.S. resident, Bitfinex is not for you.

It offers you to trade in Fiat currency-to-crypto and Crypto-to- Cryptocurrency and offers great features. However, Bitfines has been hacked twice (2015 and 2016), but from then they are improving their service a lot and compensated lost funds to its customers.

  • Using this Trading platform is easy; they have low trading and withdrawal fees.
  • In 2018 they had a net profit of $404 million and remember they don’t offer their services in the U.S.

One thing to remember

Never ever use these Bitcoin exchanges as a wallet. (even those who are not listed) 

These Bitcoin trading platforms are not good for keeping your Cryptocurrency. Instead, you can use a mobile-based wallet, for example- Atomic, or you can also buy hardware wallets like LedgerWallet.

So, In our next post, we will cover the best wallet to store your Cryptocurrency.

If you find this guide helpful. So, consider sharing it, and do let us know which Bitcoin trading platform you have used and how your experience was.

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