How to Update Xampp 2020| A simple way without losing data

How to Update Xampp

There are so many good thing about it but when it comes to update Xampp new is not an easy task. as there is no one click to upgrade Xampp it is a little complicated but I will show you in some short ways.

But why can’t I read the Documentation to update Xampp new version. Though you’re right but go to the Xampp website and look for the Documentation butinstead if them you will get the community forums which are never about the latest Xampp Update.

Though you find will find some but they will tell you to downlaod the latest update over the newest update of Xampp. I warn you please don’t do that cause you’re giong to lose all the data.

A complete solution to Update Xampp without losing anything

  • No.1 Copy all the site files and a simple copy paste
  • No.2 This is a really hard part cause moving all the data to the new server is a really daunting and boring task and that’s why some people don’t update Xampp cause importing data back to the updated version of Xampp is a long process.

However, after reading thisHow to update Xampp tutorial I hope you can be able to update Xampp for windows or Xampp for mac without losing your data and with less hasle.

Benefits of Updating Xampp

If you think updating Xampp is such a difficult task then why update? The reason is to enjoy the latest version of PHP. if you are using an older version then you should know that the new versions of Xampp are avialable and are running PHP (7.4.9).

Let’s start the process How to update Xampp

Step you need to take to update Xampp

1 BackUp your old data

You can find all of your data in your \xampp\htdocs\ directory. Though if you have more then one WordPress installed  then you will find subdirectory for each installation.

Backup Data to Folder and download Xampp to update Xampp

Now simply create a new folder with any name like XAMPP backup and copy all the data of your files to folder where you want to keep all of them. It would be better to downlaod directly all the files in the new folder. However, make sure you backup all the single file into the folder.

2 Export all the old data to Update Xampp

Instead of talking just look and do in the quickest way.

• Simply open the control panel of Xampp

• You will see the “admin” button right next to the MSQL

Xampp control Panel to backup Xampp data and install Xampp
  • Now choose the database tab and at the bottom of the screen choose the “check all” button to select all the database.
Backup Xampp Data to update Xampp latest version of xampp in windows 10
  • Next go to the “export tab
  • The last thing is click the “Go” button
Export data from Xampp to update and download Xampp latest version of Xampp

Now it will all take a several minutes depends on the themes and plugins you are using. and make sure you save all of this on a save file on a safe location

3 Now Uninstall Xampp older version

• But before doing it make so sure that you’ve copied all of your websites files safely to the folder. After uninstall Xampp all the data is deleted from the Xampp so, always double check for any files that you might have forgot. Now stop the MySQL and Apache web server and uninstall XAMPP “control panel”.

• Though once you start the uninstall Xampp will ask you to keep your htdocs file, here simply choose “NO” as you have exported all the files.

• Now wait for a while untill Xampp is uninstalled and the process is done.

4 Now Install the new version of Xampp download

• After you uninstalling the older version of Xampp you can update Xampp for Windows and Xampp in Mac to the new version as per your wish you can downlaod any of the latest version to update Xampp go to and downlaod the version you are liking to Xampp install and start it on your PC.

• New version of Xampp are avialable (9/2020) to use Xampp for WordPress and also xampp windows 10.

Download Xampp for windows 10 and Xampp for wordpress

5 Update your PHP limits

  • Open XAMPP control panel
  • Click the “Config” button in the Apache row
  • Select “PHP (php.ini) option
  • Simply look for these settings and edit these line. You can look for those setting by pressing (CTRL + F)



Edit things as you want and it’s better to make them high enough so, you won’t face any problem with your big files and they can work on the server easily.

Save the Changes and you’re done with this step.

6 Import the database

  • Open the Xampp Control Panel
Open Xampp control panel to update Xampp
  • Cliick the “admin button right next to the MSQL to open your phpMyAdmin and here select the “Import” tab.
Xampp Databases in xampp control panel to download xampp and install Xampp
  • Now click “Choose File” button and simply locate all the database file  (.sql file) which you exported earlier.
Xampp downlaod for windows 10 and Xampp for wordpress
  • The last step is to click the “GO” button at the bottom of the screen.
Xampp download, Xampp in mac and install Xampp from the current server
  • Now You’re done with this step all you have to do is wait for a while however if you received the red warning then you didn’t update your memory limits before this step so, change that if you didn’t.

7 Copy the backed up files to the Xampp folder

  • All you have to do in this process is to go back to your Xampp folder and restore the files which you backed in the very first step. Though it is really simple just copy them to the  htdocs folder and you have successfully got the update Xampp with you.


If you followed every step clearly you wll have the Update Xampp with you and if you liked “How to update Xampp tutorial” please let us know in the comment and enjoy some of the new features and when the new Xampp update comes again go and download Xampp for windows 10 or Xampp for mac and agian xampp install.

If your wordpress is not working properly then you can do this process for it also and your Xampp wordpress will start working fine Moreover we hope that this post was helpful.

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