ILoveYou virus | Worst Computer Virus in History


What is ILOVEYOU virus? – Definition

ILoveYou virus also known as Love Bug or Love Letter for you which affected the whole world with a really little social engineering

It is the most well known and worst computer viruses in history.

How the ILOVEYOU virus spread?

It was a simple principle behind the virus with writing as follows:-

Kindly check the attached LOVELETTER, coming from me, and when the receiver clicks the letter, the real destruction would begin.

Firstly the virus would install itself in the PC and, after that, would replace all the media, images, documents, and MP3s with copies of itself.

Then the virus would send an identical to every contact of a victim’s Outlook address book to give maximum damage.

Who could think that an e-mail with these letters would impact totally opposite on their PC ?

History of ILoveYou virus

The ILoveYou virus had a devastating impact on the millions of personal computers about seventeen years ago or May 2000s

It was rapidly increasing in PC and was showing how a cleverly make things can affect the whole world, it took advantage of human physiology and the base desire (…to be loved).

The ILOVEYOU was written in Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting (VBS), and it was enabled by default.

Though there was other malware back in 2000sbut ILOVEYOU computer virus took things to another level of damage.

Combating wit the ILY virus was not an easy task, and the big companies were the most affected.

iloveyou virus was the first bug that made national news headlines in different parts, but sadly it wasn’t the last.

Who was the creator of the iloveyou virus?

So, who was responsible for all this damage?

Two young Filipino computer programmers, Onel de Guzman and Reonel Ramones, were identified as the main culprits.

Both young men were students and members of the underground group GRAMMERSoft.

Though sadly, culprits were never proved in the court because seventeen years ago, Philipines didn’t have any law for malware creators.

Over thoughts:

ILoveYou virus was the first big damage creator in malware history and waked up the world.

Seventeen years after malware codes are still present in this world, doing hazardous damage exploited by cybercriminals.

Always have a virus removal program in your PC because you don’t know when this type of viruses would attack.

Virus attacks can be dangerous, especially for companies as they have a lot of data on different things so, they get the most hit by any kind of viruses.


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