Best Spotify Alternative Apps for Music Streaming (2020)

spotify alternative

Are you looking for the best Spotify alternative apps, well here you can find Some of the best paid and free Spotify alternatives as per your need and interest into Music. 

If you enjoy listening to Music on the best music app, the chances are high that you might have listened or used Spotify. Though, it is the most popular Music streaming app currently but in some places it is not available for free and the cost is very high as recently in Australia Spotify has increased the family plan of Spotify music so, it sometimes makes sense to look for other services.

On top of it, Spotify is not available for free to access every feature like you can’t download Music to listen to Music offline, and there are frequent commercials between songs that can be quite intriguing and ruins your perfect mood for listening music on Spotify. 

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List of the best Spotify Alternative apps you should try today

There are lots of Spotify alternatives. It is time to try apps like Spotify; some of them are paid, and some are free music app.

YouTube Music

Google is now quite serious about challenging popular music apps like Spotify, and It is not stopping yet.

spotify alternative
YouTube Music

Though there is a paid version of YouTube too, and the free version is far better than free version Spotify.

YouTube music aims only to provide you songs, unlike YouTube, which has additional stuff. If you are a regular user of YouTube, then it knows your taste of Music, get on it, and decide if you want to go for their premium YouTube music version.

  • +Free Version is not just limited apps like Spotify
  • +9.99$ per month
  • +YouTube Music has more songs than Spotify


spotify alternative
Slacker Music

Slacker allows you to create your playlist according to your artist, Genre, and song. It learns about what you like the song you like to listen to and shows you suggestions. 

However, the free version of Slacker has Ads, but you can skip them at limited times.

But you can upgrade to their Plus version of Slacker is $4 per month. It is cheaper than Spotify and allows you to listen to Music offline. Slacker can be your Spotify alternative

Slacker has the pros of having to provide the plus version, which is affordable than Spotify.

  • +Affordable and Better
  • +Plus Version 4$ and Premium version for 10$ a month.

Apple Music

Apple Music has some better features to provide its users, and the best of them is, Apple music is faster. 

spotify alternative
Apple Music

Apple Music is catching up Spotify soon with its huge collection of 50 million songs to provide. In a few years, we can see fierce competition between apple Music and Spotify.

If you use it, then you should know their music recommendation is top-notch, but still, if you’re not considering moving there, then try out their trial version of #3 months.

  • +Gives you an Ecosystem of apple 
  • +Best Spotify alternative
  • +$4.99 for students and  $9.99 every month


spotify alternative

SoundCloud can be your best music app if you love listening to songs, podcasts, remixes, and covers. You can get all of the stuff in one place.

It has a more significant collection of around 130 million songs. With Joining the SoundCloud community, you can share Music on social media with your friends and family easily. 

However, if you’re an artist who is making a fan base, then you better go with iTunes or Spotify.

  • +$4.99 available on Android and iOS
  • +Good Spotify alternative
  • -Needs Improvements

Free Alternative to Spotify


If you want to download and upload any audio tracks, share with your friends and family than Funkwhale is the best Spotify alternative for you.

spotify alternative

It is a decentralized Music service so, you have more freedom than anywhere else, and if you like to interact with other users, you can do that too on Funkwhale.

  • +Interaction with other users
  • +Free to access
  • +Similar app like Spotify
  • -Can’t download Podcasts


Deezer is an excellent music streaming service. It is avaiable in 189 countries and covering almost most of the country on Earth.

spotify alternative

Deezer provides 35 million of songs without any subscription required. They have Taylor Swift also who was once not impressed with Spotify in 2014.

Though Deezer has a premium service plan of 9$ per month, if you’re a college student than it is only for $4.99.

Once You’re satisfied with them, Join its community.

  • +Lots pf songs for free 
  • +Lyric function
  • +Best alternative of Spotify

Free Alternative to Spotify


 I found this Website recently. On Songmetro, you can find almost all of the songs because it is integrated with YouTube.

Though there is no playlist curated, you need to make your own. But most importantly, it is entirely free to listen to Music.

If you’re looking for a free music app than Songmetro can become your best Website alternative to Spotify.

  • +Free to Use and free alternative to Spotify
  • -No app available

Amazon Prime Music

spotify alternative
Prime Music stream

It is not the best music app and not the best free alternative to Spotify, but if you’re subscribed to amazon prime, then you don’t need to shell out anything. It is free to access for Amazon Prime users.

They have lots of music options available, but it is not the best to choose from though it is improving day-by-day. We hope soon It will look a like Spotify.

  • +Good Spotify Alternatives if you’re a member of Amazon Prime Music.
  • -Better deals are available and some are free alternatives to Spotify


Stereomood is one of the best apps similar to Spotify if you’re looking for the best free Music app.

spotify alternative
Stereo Mood Music Website

Like its name, it is somewhat the same; for instance, if you’re feeling sad, then you can get the playlist full of sad songs. There are a total of 50 playlists for different moods in case if you experience any of them check the relevant playlist in StereoMood to make your mood better again.

StereoMood worth a shot, since its a free Spotify alternative and with its interesting approach to us. It is a similar apps like Spotify.

  • +Bets apps like Spotify
  • +Free music streaming app

What is the Best Alternative to Spotify?

The Spotify alternative depends on the app. if it’s a similar music apps like Spotify, then you can ask if it is a free alternative to Spotify or not.

After all of it you can come up with conclusion to choose the best Spotify alternative that suits your choices and the music taste you are not having on Spotify we hope you’d find what you were looking for here.


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